Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oracle OpenWorld Schedule – Update

Today I was informed by the Oracle Open World Content Team that they have changed the location of my presentation from "Rm 301" to "Rm 308". The detailed information about my session is:

ID#: S315820

Title: Oracle RMAN: Backup and Recovery--The Most Essential but the Most Snubbed

Abstract: A solid understanding of backup-and-recovery procedures is essential for every DBA, but unfortunately these basics are often ignored. According to Symantec, the average midsize company backs up only 60 percent of customer data and doesn't even do it consistently. This session provides comprehensive coverage of Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) backup-and-recovery abilities. It walks through various scenarios of database failures and discusses their solutions. It covers recovery procedures related to various important database files (parameter file, control file, different types of datafiles, and redo log files)

Track: Database

Date: 22-SEP-10

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Venue: Moscone South

Room: Rm 308

I’m looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco!


Rafi said...

Hi Asif,
All the best for the session...

Best regards,


Ashish said...

Hi Asif

I attended your session. Where can I get the presentation with examples.

Thanks for a very good detailed session.


Asif Momen said...


Thank you for attending the session and glad that you found it useful.

I am currently travelling back to Riyadh. Once I reach I will upload. Please check my blog again in a day or two.