Sunday, July 17, 2011

VirtaThon: My Sessions Schedule

BrainSurface's VirtaThon conference has already started. Today is the second day of the virtual conference. These are a lot of interesting sessions from Oracle Expert's around the world.

I am speaking today and following are the details of my session:

RMAN: Recovery Procedures

Time slot: 17 July 14:30 - 15:25 EDT

Virtual Room: # 200

A detailed session schedule could be found here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Attend4FREE: 6 Days of Expert+ Speakers & Sessions FOR Oracle, MySql and Java technologies

Attend4Free! 100% Virtual - No Travel Required!

What is VirtaThon?

Attend, participate & learn cutting edge knowledge from recognized domain experts from all over the world: All within the realm of your broadband connection at the largest Independent "Virtual Conference" for the Oracle, Java & MySQL Communities. Aimed at a global audience, VirtaThon was conceived to revolutionize Online Conferencing, focusing on the core goal of facilitating the inexpensive dissemination of expert knowledge to the masses.

Almost everyone of us would like to attend world-class physical conference events but, given these globally tough economic times that we live in, can we afford the costs of attendance, travel, time-off, lodging and such? How about attending a LIVE virtual conference from wherever you choose to be in the world?

The biggest prohibiting reasons in attending physical Professional Conferences translate into various inhibiting factors such as travel, time-off, lodging, not to mention the attendance fees that can easily run into the thousands of dollars. VirtaThon bridges this gap and makes it incredibly easy to attend a 6-day Conference event from the comfort of your PC. All you need is a broadband Internet connect and voilà , you are right there: Attending 6 days of cutting-edge expert-level sessions and interacting/benefiting from world renowned experts in the Oracle, Java & MySQL domains.


With keynotes from Steven Feuerstein, Arup Nanda, Dr. Bert Scalzo, Eddie Awad, Tim Gorman, Jeremy Schneider, David Koelle, Guy Harrison, Tariq Farooq and a 4-hour Gold Star Deep-Dive session from Mike Ault, this a DO-NOT-MISS virtual learning event of a lifetime.

Session Schedule

For a detailed session schedule click here.

How to register for free?

Click here to register.

Hope to see you all there.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Master Notes from Oracle Support

My flight is delayed by 25 minutes, so thought of sharing this post with you all. Below is the list of master notes from Oracle Support. These are the topics that are on my to-do list. I am sure you too would like to read them. Search for “master note” on Oracle Support for a complete list.

11g New Features - Database Core [ID 1226873.1]

Master Note for Diagnosing ORA-4031 [ID 1088239.1]

Master Note for ORA-1555 Errors [ID 1307334.1]

Master Note for Oracle Backup and Recovery [ID 1199803.1]

Master Note for Automatic Storage Management (ASM) [ID 1187723.1]

Master Note of Linux OS Requirements for Database Server [ID 851598.1]

Master Note for Data Guard [ID 1101938.1]

Master Note for Oracle Database Client Installation [ID 1157463.1]

Master Note for the Oracle OLAP Option [ID 1107593.1]

Master Note for Streams Performance Recommendations [ID 335516.1]

Master Note for Handling Oracle Database Corruption Issues [ID 1088018.1]

Master Note for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) [ID 1228046.1]

Master Note: SQL Query Performance Overview [ID 199083.1]

Master Note: How to diagnose Database Performance - FAQ [ID 402983.1]

Master Note for Query Rewrite [ID 1215173.1]

Master Note for Oracle Flashback Technologies [ID 1138253.1]

Master Note for Oracle Disk Manager [ID 1226653.1]

Master Note for Real Application Clusters (RAC) Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Grid Infrastructure [ID 1096952.1]

Master Note - RDBMS Large Objects (LOBs) [ID 1268771.1]

Master Note for Oracle Database Server Installation [ID 1156586.1]

Master Note for Oracle Database Downgrade [ID 1151427.1]

Master Note for Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) [ID 1116484.1]

Master Note for OLTP Compression [ID 1223705.1]

Master Note for Oracle Database Upgrades and Migrations [ID 1152016.1]

Master Note for Partitioning [ID 1312352.1]

Master Note for 11g Diagnosability - ADR and Packaging [ID 1283137.1]

Master Note for Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server [ID 1187674.1]

Happy reading!!!