Monday, September 20, 2010

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 - Day 1

It was the first day of OOW-2010. I attended the following sessions:

1) Oracle Indexing Tips, Tricks, and Traps by Richard Foote

2) Tuning Oracle at the Block Level--Beginners, Go Away! by Rich Niemiec

3) Resolving the Free Buffer Waits Event by Craig Shallahammer

4) Oracle Recovery Manger (RMAN) 11g New Features in Release 1 and Release 2 by Michael

All the sessions were extremely good but if I had to choose the best from the above four, I would choose Craig's session. It was awesome. I actually felt myself inside the SGA, watching buffers moving and background/server processes working.

At the end of the day it was Oracle ACE dinner. I got to meet all the industry experts under a single roof. Iggy Fernandez then dropped me to my hotel.

I am too tired and got to take some rest as I got to start early tomorrow morning again.

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deepthi said...

I enjoyed your session on RMAN backup and recovery - the most essential but the most snubbed. It was very refreshing. I was hoping to find a link to your notes. Can you please provide me with a copy?

Deepthi Samarasinghe
Lender Processing Services
Jacksonvile, FL