Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Oracle RAC 12c: New Features

Blogging live from OOW session on "Enhancements in Oracle RAC". Following are few Oracle RAC 12c new features being discussed in this session as I post:

1. Application Continuity

2. Oracle Flex ASM
With this feature, database instances use remote ASM instances. 

3. Oracle ASM Disk Scrubbing
Checks for logical data corruptions and repair them automatically.

4. Enhancements to Policy-based Databases
Actively utilizes different sized servers

5. What - if analysis for server pool management

6. Standardized deployment and patching 
Introducing GHS, rapid home provisioning and gold images

7. A new "ghctl" command for better patching

8. Oracle Utility Cluster

9. Dynamic IP Management and name resolution made easy

10. IPv6 Based IP Addresses Support for client connectivity

11. Multi-purpose Installation

12. Oracle installer will run Fix-up scripts & "" scripts across nodes. You don't have to run the scripts manually on RAC nodes.

Exciting new features !!!


Mark Bobak said...

Do you have more details on any of these features?

Mark Bobak said...

Any details on any of these features?

Those of us stuck at home and unable to attend OOW, want to know! :-)

Asif Momen said...

Will try to add a post later in the evening with more details.

Satya Thirumani said...

Thanks for sharing.