Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oracle Database 12c - New Feature: Identity Columns

Well, Oracle Database 12c is not yet available but new features seems to be popping out in MOS. While troubleshooting Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c startup issues I came across Oracle Database 12c new feature called “Identity Columns”.

An Identity Columns is auto-incremented at the time of insertion just like in SQL Server. Going forward, I think you will not use Oracle Sequence anymore to generate unique values instead use Identity Columns.

For more information on this read:

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Mahir M. Quluzade said...

Really interesting, Where we shall use sequences after 12c?

Thanks for share

Mahir M. Quluzade

Lewis Cunningham said...

I'd much rather see sql booleans. I guess this will make it easier to convert from other databases since most have an identity column.

Laurent Schneider said...

good catch! using sequence was really odd...

Marko Sutic said...

Interesting. Nice new feature.
Thanks for sharing!


Andreas said...

Same identity clause as DB2. Hopefully Oracle does the import and export options for identity columns better compared to DB2.

Ronald Rood said...

Can't read the article :-(
Just hoping they don't forget about bi-directional replication issues...

Asif Momen said...


Yea, the article goes missing from MOS. May be it was mistakenly put on by the Support Engineer. :)

JAW said...

This is just Vendor conversion play!

DB2 was the first of the big 3 to support IDENTITY and SEQUENCE at the same time back around V4, IIRC.

SQL Server 2012 supports the SEQUENCE construct.

Oracle 12c will now support both.

It means that if get get PO'ed with one vendor its easlier to convert to the competitors.

DB2 even has PL/SQL Syntax support for Oracle conversions.

Path Infotech said...

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