Friday, August 12, 2011

Confused SRVCTL in Oracle 11g R2

OS: RHEL 5.5 64-bit

DB: Oracle Database 11gR2

Grid: Oracle Clusterware 11gR2

A database “adverten” is running on a Linux (64-bit) box. This database happens to be a two-node Oracle RAC database. The instance names of this database are “adverten1” and ““adverten2” respectively on the two nodes.

I ran the RACcheck tool but unfortunately it does not list this database. However other databases running on this server are listed.

Below is the excerpt from “raccheck” tool:

List of running databases registered in OCR

1. clonedb

2. frisdb

3. All

4. None

Believe me; the instance is there and running.

[oracle@node1 raccheck]$ ps -ef|grep pmon
grid      8585     1  0 Aug06 ?        00:00:17 asm_pmon_+ASM1
oracle   12351  8299  0 22:16 pts/7    00:00:00 grep pmon
oracle   21959     1  0 Aug09 ?        00:00:31 ora_pmon_clonedb1
oracle   24222     1  0 Aug09 ?        00:00:19 ora_pmon_adverten1
oracle   29006     1  0 Aug07 ?        00:00:32 ora_pmon_frisdb1
[oracle@node1 raccheck]$

It’s time to debug “raccheck” tool.

“is_rdbms_installed_crs ()” procedure of the “raccheck” script is of our interest for now and below are the statements from where it is actually fetching database names.

It grabs the list of databases using the following:

       $CRS/bin/srvctl config database > $db_list_fil

And checks for database status using the following:

crs_db_status=$($CRS/bin/srvctl status database -d $db_list|grep -i $loc	alnode|grep -ic "is running")

Okay, running the first command manually lists my database:

[grid@node1 ~]$ $CRS_HOME/bin/srvctl config database
[grid@node1 ~]$

If you notice, the database name listed above is “advertence” (10 letter word). The database name from V$DATABASE view is “adjudica” (8 letter word), also instances use “adverten”.

SQL> select name from v$database;



However, the second command could not locate the database instances:

[grid@node1 ~]$ $CRS_HOME/bin/srvctl status database -d advertence
Instance adverten1 is not running on node node1
Instance adverten2 is not running on node node2
[grid@node1 ~]$

Of course “adverten” is not registered resource. So the following will fail:

[grid@abis19 ~]$ $CRS_HOME/bin/srvctl status database -d adverten
PRCD-1120 : The resource for database adverten could not be found.
PRCR-1001 : Resource ora. adverten.db does not exist
[grid@abis19 ~]$

This is the reason “raccheck” is not able to list this database.

What might have happened is the question that needs to be answered.

At the time of database creation, “advertence” was keyed in as the database name. But Oracle created a database by trimming it to 8 characters and reserving 1 character for instance number. But for some reason “advertence” database resource was registered.

Apparently, the “ora. advertence.db” resource registered with the cluster is in “OFFLINE” state.

[grid@node1 ~]$ crs_stat  ora. advertence.db
NAME=ora. advertence.db

[grid@node1 ~]$

It’s all messy here, but things are working.

I will have to create a Service Request with Oracle Support to resolve this issue for this client of mine.

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