Friday, October 08, 2010

Oracle 11g Release 2 Patchset - 1 Available for Download

As you all know Oracle 11g Release 2 Patchset - 1 (11.2.02) is available for download for most of the platforms. The Patchset release has been blogged by many Oracle Enthusiasts and I am the last one to post it on my blog.

I should admit that I did not read body of any of the blog posts. I thought, the patch is out and everyone's blogging. Now, when I trackback and read Kevin Closson's Oracle Blog and Surachart Opun's Blog, I find an interested piece of information and here it is:

"In past releases, Oracle Database patch sets consisted of a set of files that replaced files in an existing Oracle home. Beginning with Oracle Database 11g Release 2, patch sets are full installations that replace existing installations."

If I had paid attention to this I wouldn't have gone through the pain of downloading Oracle 11gR2 base release and Oracle 11gR2 Patch-1.

Happy patching!!!

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