Friday, June 25, 2010

Moving From the Standard Edition to the Enterprise Edition

One of our customers wanted to implement Oracle Advanced Security (OAS) Option on their Oracle Database 11g. This database was a Standard Edition and OAS option is available only for Enterprise Edition. So, we have to upgrade the Standard Edition database to Enterprise Edition.

Following are the steps required to upgrade a Standard Edition database to Enterprise Edition:

1) Shutdown.

2) Remove Oracle Standard Edition software.

3) Install Oracle Enterprise Edition software.

4) Startup database

5) Run catalog.sql and catproc.sql


1) Backup your database before you begin.

2) Make sure that the release number of your Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition softwares is same.

Oracle documentation does not mention of running catalog and catproc scripts. However, Oracle Support Note does mention it. It seems to be a documentation bug.


1) Oracle® Database Upgrade Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2)

2) Converting An Enterprise Edition Database To Standard Edition [ID 139642.1]


Anonymous said...

thank you

Mike-us said...

Running utlrp.sql at the end will help to reduce INVALID objects and performance loss if not done before applications start to use those objects.