Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"node1:6200 already configured" while Installing Oracle Clusterware 10g

Recently while installing Oracle Clusterware 10g, I stumbled upon the following error:

"camrac1:6200 already configured"

This error occurred when Oracle Universal Installer was configuring "Oracle Notification Server Configuration Assistant" and as usual OUI just stopped after displaying the error. If you come across this error then follow this guidelines:

[oracle@camrac1 bin]$cd $ORA_CRS_HOME/bin
[oracle@camrac1 bin]$ racgons remove_config camrac1:6200
racgons: Existing key value on camrac1 = 6200.
racgons: camrac1:6200 removed from OCR.
[oracle@camrac1 bin]$ racgons remove_config camrac2:6200
racgons: Existing key value on camrac2 = 6200.
racgons: camrac2:6200 removed from OCR.
[oracle@camrac1 bin]$ 

After removing the configuration retry the operation.


Shahul Hameed said...

Your post was really helpful in solving the issues with the racgons configuration.

Finally I was able to complete the RAC clusterware setup.

Asif Momen said...


Glad that you found it helpful.