Monday, November 03, 2008

How to read Data between different Characterset Databases - Part 2

Hazem Ameen has left a comment on my previous post, where he says he is able to read/write data over a database link between two databases having different charactersets.

We have your same environment and reading/writing over db link is fine. Oracle does character-set conversion between the 2 Arabic character-set as expected. Client NLS_LANG: America_America.ar8mswin1256 Server1: ar8mswin1256 Server 2: ar8iso8859p6 I can only suspect your client NLS_LANG Our version is on Linux. Client is MS Windows Vista

reading/writing over db link is fine

What I would assert from this is, although you have databases with two different charactersets, your client characterset is SAME. This is the reason you are able to read/write over the db link. But, in our case, clients connecting to database A have same characterset as A, while clients connecting to database B have same characterset as B. Here's a test case with my client characterset set to "AR8MSWIN1256".

Create tables in both the databases:

Create database links in both databases and query data from other side:

In the above example, we were able to read data over db links meaning client characterset's are playing the vital role.

This means, all your client's characterset is set to "AR8MSWIN1256" for both the types of databases. This is the reason you are able to read/write over a db link.

I hope I was clear in my examples. Thanks for leaving your comment.


Regards Asif Momen

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lolo said...

what is happen if one database has WE8MSWIN1252 and the other one has AR8MSWIN1256 , the Arabic data will show as ????? how you can solve this