Saturday, September 20, 2008

Syntax Highlighter

Dear Readers,

Most of you might have experienced difficulies in placing code snippets in a nice formatted way on I have been previously using Greg Houston's Code formatter, but when you have pipes ("|") in the code like in Explain Plan, then Blogger fails to display the code correctly.

But, recently I stumbled on one of the Karen Morton's post where she discusses a way to format your code snippets on blogger. Here are more details on highlightling your code in using Syntax Highlighter.

The code below has been formatted using SyntaxHighlighter:

SQL> conn scott/tiger
SQL> select * from tab;

TNAME                          TABTYPE  CLUSTERID
------------------------------ ------- ----------
DEPT                           TABLE
EMP                            TABLE
BONUS                          TABLE
SALGRADE                       TABLE
TEST_RUN                       TABLE
PLAN_TABLE                     TABLE
EMP_VIEW                       VIEW
EMP2                           TABLE

8 rows selected.


More interesting stuff can by found on Fahd Shariff's blog and Morten Lyhr's blog.

Happy formating !!!

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