Sunday, May 20, 2007

How We Upgraded our Oracle 9i Database to Oracle 10g Database with Near-Zero Downtime

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My article has been accepted and is published under Metalink's Customer Knowledge Exchange Program. The title of my article is "How We Upgraded our Oracle 9i Database to Oracle 10g Database with Near-Zero Downtime" and the Metalink note id is 431430.1.

Abstract of the document:

An Oracle database upgrade is a process of transforming an existing Oracle database into a later or the current release of the Oracle Database. This upgrade process normally requires a significant amount of database down time. This task of upgrade becomes more difficult for businesses which need to be 24*7 operational and any outage negatively affects business operations and customer service. In 24*7 organizations like Banks the database availability is so crucial that the downtime is bargained in minutes.

Minimizing downtime is a challenge every organization faces. With the advent of Oracle Streams, this challenge merely remains a challenge. Oracle Streams replication enables us to perform an upgrade with near-zero downtime. This is accomplished by configuring Oracle Streams on the existing Oracle 9i database which captures all the changes on the source database and replicates the changes to the target database (Oracle 10g). The rest of the document presents a step-by-step approach of setting the Oracle Streams replication and performing an Upgrade to Oracle 10g database.

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Updated: 14 May, 2008


Moorthy GS said...

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Martha said...

Hi Mohammed, I just finished excuting all the steps to upgrade an oracle 9i DB to oracle 10g DB...but I have a question, in page 15 "Set the schema instantiation SCN on the destination database" you mention the parameter 'recursive =>true' but in Oracle 9i( there isn't such parameter, in consecuence the replication fails..what can I do to resolve this? please please help me...this is my email:

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Martha said...

I have solved the problem with the parameter recursive...I guess after the patch ( it wasn't change all the packages instantly I mean without restart. So I can say now that it do works is well done.

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Chandu Singh said...

Its very nice to hear that with near zero downtime to 10G. Can you please send a copy of the document to my mail id As i don't have the metalink account.


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